Do apartments have enough security for the aged?

The elder population of the country is more often than not, staying alone. With children staying with their families in another part of the country, the elders of the country are often left to fend for themselves in apartments in Birmingham AL. The question that arises is that are they safe, in these high rise buildings, all by themselves.

For starters, there is no reason for panic in today’s world, with regards to the security of the older population. With buildings equipped with high security cameras at every corner, and a security guard who is available 24/7, there should be no cause of worry. Externally, an apartment is generally very safe for people of all ages.

The biggest advantage of staying in an apartment building is that it comes with good building security systems. This ensures that no tenant faces any jeopardy of sorts, with regards to security. Jaywalkers, street hawkers, and sales personnel are often not allowed inside the building premises, so naturally there is no threat to the apartment tenants.

Being a part of the older population, that is staying alone, could be a challenge in itself. The apartment has to be equipped with enough internal measures also, as merely external security measures do not suffice. Internal measures like in-built alarm systems in the apartment, panic buttons at all places, and proper measures for people with health issues, are all very essential. Besides these, the locks around the apartment should be practical to use and not complicated for the aged. Doors, windows, balconies, and terraces should have appropriate locks in place, to avoid mishaps. The alarm systems in the apartment, in the event of a break in, should be placed at windows and doors, and be in good working condition at all times. This will ensure that security help reaches on time.

With regards to people dealing with health issues, there should be provisions in the apartment to take care of every need. If the tenant is wheelchair bound, or uses a walking stick, or is on a bed rest, there should be enough moving space and well organized furniture around the apartment, to avoid any accidents. Having panic buttons in critical places like the washroom, kitchen, and bedroom will help the timely arrival of medical personnel in case of any emergencies.

If these measures are taken inside the apartment, and there are good security provisions outside, the elder people living alone in apartments would feel safe at all times. All it requires is a little bit of preparation, and there could be no safer place for the older people of our country, than apartments. In addition to everything else, keeping good relations with the neighbors also go a long way in ensuring that all remains good and stable with the elder.