Living in a small apartment with many occupants

There was once a family of 15 people living in a small 2 bedroom apartment and how they managed to reside in it was a wonder in itself. With 4 adults, 9 kids and 2 elder people, the management of the apartment to accommodate all individuals is truly worth a mention.

It does not require rocket science to figure the maths in accommodating too many people in limited space. It is merely a management of furniture and inventory that does the trick. With smart furniture, well equipped storage facilities and an organized way of living, the feat can be achieved. The adults occupied the rooms with their children and the elder couple was using the living room as a bedroom. In the rooms, with limited space, there had to be smart furniture in the form of a pull down bed from the wall, and built in cupboards. The children had to use mattresses for sleeping, which were put into storage everyday. Besides this, the washroom had to be well accommodated with provisions at all times.

The living room had two sofa-cum-beds for the elder couple to use as beds during night time. Minimal furniture does the trick in this case. Filling the rooms and bedroom with too much unnecessary furniture will not only eat up precious space, but also give the rooms an ugly look. Everything in its place, the most important factor for this family was the storage of extra unwanted goods, and kitchen inventory. There was a small store room near the kitchen but it was too small to accommodate too many things. There are many such apartments in Birmingham AL where the family builds a ceiling storage in all rooms, which really helps in keeping everything organized, and clean and simple.

In this day and age, where the cost of living is high and everything is expensive, this budget living option by the family is truly commendable. With regards to the kitchen, there had to be enough storage space to store provisions in such a manner that nothing looks too overwhelming for an outsider. All this in place, the crowded home will not look crowded at all, and in fact be inviting for the guest. A home needn’t be luxurious and on a high budget for looking beautiful. Well placed furniture, bright colored curtains and pillows, and good use of lighting in the apartment is all that is required to give it a cozy and fresh feeling at the same time. Storage is an important issue to be addressed when the number of people residing in one apartment is high. Smart furniture means getting furniture with storage options, like under the bed, under the sofa, in the coffee table, built in cupboards, all lead to good storage provisions.