Shifting to a new, bigger apartment!

When the question arises about how is the shift going to take place, there would generally be many questions in the mind of the individual. Shifting is an art in itself, and if not properly managed, can lead to chaos and confusions in the mind and a loss of mental peace, all at the same time. A friend recently shifted to one of the apartments in Birmingham AL, and thankfully for him, it was a smooth journey. It is not the case for others though, where miss-management of the process leads to lost goods and breakage of possessions.

The process of shifting starts from the initial planning. A list of all furniture, fragile items, kitchen inventory, valuables, and miscellaneous matter has to be formed. Next comes the packing stage, where all these goods are well packed in cardboard boxes and bubble wrap, and suitcases and travel bags. The most important factor to remember while packing is to mark each carry case with what is contained inside it. Writing with a marker pen, on top of the cardboard box, will label each box, and all boxes will reach the designated rooms of the new apartment on arrival, rather than lying around in one room. This will save a lot of time with regards to separating the boxes.

Next, packing all fragile items, and labeling properly, will ensure that these items safely reach the apartment, than getting broken midway. Movers and shifters companies often take into consideration these factors, as shifting goods safely from one apartment to another, is solely their responsibility. Kitchen inventory is the next task. With regards to items in the fridge, all perishable goods should move from one place to another in about an hour or two. Managing in between this time frame is very essential, as food items can easily get spoiled. Other kitchen inventory like pulses and grains and flour can reach the new place in about three to four hours.

Besides kitchen inventory, the next essential task is moving the heavy duty furniture, like bedroom sets, to the new apartment. This furniture is often disassembled and assembled, and this could probably lead to a few loose fittings and lost tools. It is extremely important to clarify with the moving company whether they would be undertaking this furniture shifting. As it is the most tedious task of all, it requires a lot of planning and efficient execution. Besides bulky furniture, fragile items like the television and glass vases and frames, and glass kitchen crockery could be damaged if not taken care of. After the heavy furniture, and the fragile items, next comes managing valuables like jewelry. This should be managed by the apartment resident himself and cannot be given to the shifting company.